For publishers: Graphics for Apps

So your Apps can be a thorough success & and your readers really want to click the icon on their smartphone or tablet, you can adjust your Apps to the title-design. Therefore please send us these graphics.

App-Icon (without rounded edges)

20x20 px Ebinr-20.png
29x29 px Ebinr_29.png
40x40 px Ebinr_40.png
58x58 px Ebinr_58.png
60x60 px Ebinr_60.png
76x76 px Ebinr_76.png
80x80 px Ebinr_80.png
87x87 px Ebinr_87.png
114x114 px Ebinr_114.png
120x120 px Ebinr_120.png
152x152 px Ebinr_152.png
167x167 px Ebinr_167.png
180x180 px Ebinr_180.png
512x512 px Ebinr-512.png
1024x1024 px Ebinr-512@2x.png


Background image in the App Store (Android & kindleFire)

1024x500 px Ebinr_Funktionsgrafik.png


Loading screen when starting the App

768x1024 px  Ebinr-Portrait~ipad.png


Graphic beneath the selection of subscriptions in the App

280x400 px Ebinr-placeholder_cover.png
200x275 px Ebinr-placeholder_cover@2x.png
140x200 px Ebinr-loadcover.png

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