Android & kindleFire: Reading already ordered issues

Buy it onetime- ready it on five devices once. That is true for all epaper issues that you ordered on United Kiosk or in our apps. Simply load the fitting App on your kindleFire, Android tablet or smartphone. The link for downloading the app of your favorite magazine is easy to find for you on, if you search for the magazine.

Simply enter the email address you ordered the epaper with in the settings and ask for the activation code. You can find the account settings by swiping right on the very top of the menu if you wish. In case you already chose your own password in the library, you can log in with this one here as well.

Just a hint: We recommend to always order epaper issues in the apps and online in our store  with the same email address. This way you can connect all of your epapers in one account.

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