Online-shop: What is an epaper?

An epaper is a digital version of a magazine or newspaper. Maybe you know the electronic issues with the name ejournal or emagazine. The epaper's content is identical to the one in the printed issue.

You find more about the different kinds of epaper-offers that you can order on United Kiosk here.


Please consider that extras in addition to the printed issues, for example CD's or toys can't be delivered with the epaper. Some epapers contain multimedial additions like small films, picture galleries or podcasts.


We provide the epapers, that you ordered in the online-shop in your online library for you. You can stream the digital issues directly in the browser or you can download it as an PDF. In addition to that you can read all epapers on your smartphone or tablet in the fitting app. 


You can find out here how exactly that works:

 - FAQs about reading with IPhone and IPad

 - All information about apps for the kindleFire and Android devices

 - Find out how to read in the online-library 


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